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One of our favorite 3D printers is the OpenBeam Kossel Pro. This printer kit assembles super fast and boasts automatic bed leveling which is a Godsend. This printer is super rigid and is easily one of the most accurate 3D printers on the market. Print quality on this printer rivals resin based 3D printers. Grab one today and upgrade your 3D printing experience! Enjoy FREE shipping on this printer and everything from MatterHackers.

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Assembly Documentation


We strive to make the Kossel Pro and the OpenBeam Kossel Reprap to be as straightforward and easy to build as possible. All our cables pre-crimped with polarity keyed locking connectors, and use laser cut spacers to assist with loading the nuts into the proper position.

The instructions below are given specifically for the Kossel Pro machine. The Reprap branch follows the same build sequence.

For Kossel Pro kits with kit # ZT-KIT-00255, the ball joints are already pre-glued on a machined fixture for you. These ball joints are in a box labelled Kossel Common Core Component Kit. Earlier kits can follow the instructions for gluing the ball joints.

  1. Linear Drive Towers requires borrowing the upper machined vertex from the Upper Triangle sub assembly for spacing the end stop holders.
  2. Next build the following sub assemblies; these sub assemblies require gluing. It is a good idea to get through the gluing process started, then work on another sub assembly until all the glue has cured. For best results, allow 24 hours for the Loctite 410 adhesive included in the kit to dry / de-gas, before proceeding.
    • Auto Levelling Probe
    • End Effector
    • Upper Triangle
    • Prepare Ball Rail Carriage for Swing Arm Mount
  3. Remaining sub assemblies
  4. Mechanical Systems Integration and Wiring.
  5. Initial Power Up and Shakedown Test.
  6. Calibrate and configure.
  7. Print! :-)
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