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CR-10 Custom Firmware Files

These are firmware images for the Creality CR-10 with the necessary changes made for different printer upgrades. They are based on mainline Marlin 1.1.8

Compiled Hex Files

E3D v6 HotEndE3D Titan Aero
CR-10 300Download
CR-10 400Download
CR-10 500Download
CR-10S 300DownloadDownload
CR-10S 400DownloadDownload
CR-10S 500DownloadDownload

Source Code


I am able to upload the CR-10S 300 firmware to my stock CR 10s but motors do not function- no movement from the CR-10s control nob or from Mattercontrol. The temp controls work fine. Any ideas?

Franz Oehler - Reply

How do i know if i have a CR-10 500

or a CR-10S 500?

Joseph Sencey - Reply

So I installed the cr10s 300 firmware and it won't let my z axis move above 300mm, when it should go to 400mm. That's a firmware issue right? Just found out when a 16 hour print failed. If anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate it.

Cesar Rodriguez - Reply

I downloaded the source files and edited it. The bed was set to 300mm max Z height. A bit of an oversight but thanks for the guides, was a learning experience.

Cesar Rodriguez -

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