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Turn on the printer.

Check and make sure that the temperature reading for the hot end is accurate. It should be reading room temperature. If it reads 0, or a high number, then there is an electrical problem.

Check and make sure that the heat sink fan is running.

Hot-tightening is the last mechanical step before your V6 is ready to go! Hot-tightening is essential to sealing the nozzle and heatsink together to ensure that molten plastic cannot leak out of the hotend in use.

Set the hotend temperature to 270°C. Allow the hotend to reach 270°C and wait one minute to allow all components to equalise in temperature.

Use an adjustable wrench to hold the heater block in place while you tighten the nozzle using a 7 mm crescent wrench.

Do not overtighten the nozzle. You want to aim for 3 Nm of torque on the hot nozzle. This is about as much pressure as you can apply with one finger on a small wrench.

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