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The M303 command runs the PID tuning. It uses the following format:

M303 E<extruder> S<temperature> C<cycles>

Example: M303 E0 S240 C3

The E option is not required on single extruder machines (except Smoothie). To tune the heated bed, use P1 (Repetier), E-1 (Marlin, others), or E1 (Smoothie). On multi-extruder machines, use the number of the extruder you want to tune (starting with 0).

S is the temperature you want to run the tuning at. This should be close to the temperature you will use for printing.

C is the number of cycles of tuning to run. We recommend 3.

Once you run this command the autotuning process will start. The printer will cycle the temperature up and down over the course of several minutes.

You can turn off the Filter Output option in the console to watch the temperatures change.

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