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The dimensions of the model are given in Kerbal meters, however the slicer will interpret the units as millimeters, resulting in a very small print.

Some parts are extremely thin. For instance the interstage fairing and engine bells. Make sure you scale the model large enough so that these things will actually be printed.

You can check whether or not a part will be printed correctly by viewing the G-Code in MatterControl.

Scaling can be done either in Blender or after you have imported the model into MatterControl.

To scale in Blender, press A until everything is selected, then press S. Either drag the mouse to the scale you want or enter values in the pane on the left.

In order for the pane on the left to work, you may need to enable Global Undo in the Editing page of the User Preferences.

You can also scale the model in MatterControl using the edit function.

If your ship is a spaceplane, you may want to rotate it so it prints vertically. Press R in Blender to rotate.

Your contributions are licensed under the open source Creative Commons license.