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On a Delta Printer, the center-to-center distance on the ball linkages are critical.

New line.They must be built with a high degree of repeatability, (ie, all very close in measurement) or the printer will not print correctly; the end effector relies on equal length arms to stay parallel to the print surface during motion).

New line.For an accurate printer, the length of the center-to-center distance must be matched to the value stored in the printer’s firmware too. Failure to do so will result in a non-flat print surface.

New line.To ensure that the ball joints are glued precisely (all roughly the same length) and accurately (all as close to 300mm center-to-center distance) as possible, we provide you with parts to build a fixture.

New line.Borrow a piece of 360mm OpenBeam extrusion from the OpenBeam Kossel Pro Extrusion Set for this fixture.

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