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[title] Flash the firmware
[* black] If you are using one of our precompiled firmware images then you can flash the firmware through [|MatterControl].
[* black] If you do not already have MatterControl then download, install it, and choose the correct profile for your machine.
[* icon_reminder] If you installed the bootloader earlier then your machine does not have firmware on it at this point. MatterControl will not be able to connect to the printer. This is fine for now. Skip the connection setup.
[* green] In MatterControl, make sure that the correct serial port is selected for your printer. Go to Settings & Controls > Settings > Printer > Connection and choose the port.
[* violet] Go to Controls and scroll down to the bottom to find the Firmware Updates section. Click the Change button.
[* black] Select the .hex file you downloaded earlier.
[* black] MatterControl will now backup the original firmware (if it has not already been erased) and upload the new firmware. You can monitor the progress by going to View > Terminal.
[* black] When it is done your printer will reboot and show the splash screen for Marlin.

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